Beer and the Super Bowl go hand-in-hand, but before you make a quick run to the grocery store to buy the first beer you see, why not pair a few craft brews with some of the food on your menu? Jon Richards, better known as Big Jon, is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server at The Growler Station in Greenville, SC and is here to help you impress your guests by pairing a few delicious craft beers with your Super Bowl Menu.

  • Buffalo Wings – A big, spicy IPA will go well with buffalo wings. The IPA will accentuate the spice, but will also lift the heat off the palate with its carbonation. Big Jon recommends Stone Ruination IPA.
  • Pizza – The best beer for practically any kind of pizza is an American Amber Lager. It’s bready enough to pull out the weight of the dough, it has just enough hoppiness to pull out the spice, and plenty of carbonation to lift the oils and fats off your tongue. It makes both the beer and the pizza taste lighter. Big Jon’s pick is Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber.
  • Nachos – This dish usually includes many different flavors, which makes pairing a beer a little more interesting. If you’re having chicken nachos, pair it will an American Pale Ale like Grand Teton Sweetgrass or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. If you have nachos with chili, pair it with an American Brown Ale. This beer tends to be dark and smoky, and it will pick up on a lot of flavors of the chili while having enough robust flavors to balance out the spicy elements.

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