Hallelujah! No more solo guitar playing, trying to keep the beat in your head while tapping your foot. BeatBuddy [$345] is the first drum machine that is packed into a convenient foot pedal. This is not a simple looper, it’s the complete package. You can do amazing things with this technology. That’s not to say it’s complicated. Quite the contrary. It’s simple to set up and you can unbox this bad boy and start using it in minutes. The guitar-pedal-style device lets you use your foot to play drum beats in a plethora of styles, fills and parts. It comes with a 4GB SD card preloaded with a ton of beats and styles that will keep you busy for a long time. All while keeping you hands free to play those riffs that your fans have come to expect. Again, it’s not just a simple looping beat machine. You call up fills, solos, intros, outros and multiple parts using your foot, just like with any other guitar pedal. You can edit the built-in drum parts, or create your own with any MIDI-capable music creation app like Garage Band or ProTools. Then you simply import the project into your BeatBuddy using the BeatBuddy Manager Software. It’s like having Questlove keeping rhythm for you. I’ve included their video below that really shows what it can do, much better than my words can. BeatBuddy is absolutely Uber Apparatus Best Of Breed!

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