The Native Series Mummy Bag [$89.97] is equipped to keep you warm and comfortable on your next excursion above the timberline. It includes features such as generous foot box, hip and shoulder dimensions and Thermolite Synthetic Insulation to create a combination that will keep you sleeping under the stars for years to come.

Here are a few quick tips that are a good idea for any sleeping bag:
  • Never store your sleeping bag in the compression bag. As soon as you receive it, take it out of the compression bag and place it in a large laundry bag or garbage bag or better yet hang it from the foot loops in your closet. If you compress synthetic insulation for too long you can compromise is lofting/insulating capabilities.
  • Always try to use your sleeping bag with sleeping pad that has a R-Value of 3.5 or greater to compensate for the insulation you are crushing with the weight of your body while you are laying in it.
  • Avoid getting your sleeping bag dirty by simply wearing some form of pajamas (what ever your preference). This way while you sleep all the natural body oils, sweat and salt residue from the previous day, in addition to any sunscreen and bug spray you have on will soak into your clothing and not your sleeping bag. It is much easier to wash clothing when you get home then it is a sleeping bag. You want to keep your sleeping bag as clean and dry for as long as you can and only wash when necessary using the instructions indicated on the care label. People don’t realize just how much body oils and salts effect your sleeping bag insulation if your camping for prolong periods of time (longer then a week).