Balitello’s Performance Dress Socks [$17 ($12 if you join the Club)]  are a pragmatic accessory that helps fashion-forward professionals achieve a balance between comfort and individual expression. They allow you to push fashion limits discreetly while maintaining appropriate workplace style and comfort. We love “____ Of The Month Clubs” and Balitello has an awesome one. And as you likely have guessed, it’s a “Sock Of The Month Club” that gets you a pair of cool Balitello socks for $12 a month. They are more than just a pretty sock though. They feature a 200 needle count, have a cushioned heel, comfort toe, performance arch band and are made with breathable material. Also, they are made in the USA. Stop buying crappy Chinese sweatshop socks to save a buck, and get with the program brother! These socks look great and are made to last.

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