Manscaping just comes along with being a man. Some guys dig it while other guys do it under protest. Either way, unless you just don’t give a damn and are OK with looking like a caveman,  it’s a significant part of your life. The AXE Philips Norelco Shave & Groom Kit [$60] is a tool that does it all and makes the act of manscaping easy. The heads click on and click off, so you can switch from facial to body grooming without breaking your stride. Don’t like electrics because you like to use shaving foam or gels? No problem. With this thing, you can shave wet with shaving foam or gel for that extra skin protection, or dry for convenience. How awesome is that? In or out of the shower! Once you’re done, go share your all-over smoothness with your babe. She’ll appreciate that you care enough about her to go that extra step.

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