The Ascent DaVinci Portable Vaporizer [$249.99] offers an cutting edge design, at first glance you would think it’s a smart phone with its programmable OLED display. This feature packed smart vaporizer also has a dual mouthpiece, and a full 3-hour battery life. It’s small in size, but packs a big punch, both powerful and versatile. The Ascent can be used with both aromatic blends and liquids.  Its glass-on-glass air intake delivers a perfect tasting vape every time. The programmable OLED display allows you to set your own desired temperature for a different and specific vaping experience. This vaporizer is perfect for any aficionado who longs after the most cutting-edge portable technology.  Choose your weapon, the DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer is available in burl wood, carbon fiber, stealth black, and a limited edition skull design. When a product offers you all of this it deserves to join the ranks of Uber Apparatus’ Best of Breed.

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