Allen Edmonds, whose shoes have been worn by a series of U.S. presidents as well as businessmen over the decades has recently launched an exciting new clothing line. They hired a fashion designer in the last year and contacted U.S. garment makers capable of manufacturing apparel products.  Production of the new line of American-styled men’s apparel has helped sustain or create more than 200 jobs with garment, leather goods and accessories manufacturers in 11 states. While most of the apparel will have a “Handcrafted in USA” label, some products will be made overseas for authenticity. For example, alpaca sweaters will be made in Peru because that’s considered the best source of alpaca yarn that provides warmth without bulk. But the “bulk” of their cloths are American Made. And in the words of another American Made Original – ZZ Top –  “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!”

Available at Allen Edmonds