Allen Edmonds El Paso Driving Shoes [$175] look flat-out awesome and are uber-comfortable. Definitely one of the most stylish and agreeable shoes you’ll find at any price point . Their refined Euro look is on point and as with all of Allen Edmonds’ shoes, they are handcrafted in the United States with uncompromising quality. The El Paso features luxuriously soft, supple leather with classic contrast stitching and a heavy duty – yet well disguised – rubber sole. The El Paso is a shoe that spares no detail and will endure for years to come, in terms of style and wear. If you want a shoe that is going to be trendy for about 6 months, than you may be tempted to buy a cheap disposable shoe. But if the shoe you are buying will stand the test of time fashion wise, then you’d be a fool to not buy the best shoe that money can buy. In my honest opinion, dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better shoe than an Allen Edmonds shoe.

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