The Aberdeen Old Fashioned features Sandeman Porto Founders Reserve [$20] which has an intense ruby red colour and a brilliant and clean finish. Rich red fruit aromas with a touch of age create an elegant reflection of powerful flavours, the fruit and fire characteristic of young classic Porto balanced with the finesse of age.

Aberdeen Old Fashioned

2 parts Sandeman Porto Founders Reserve
1 parts Chivas 12 Year Old
1/4 part 1:1 Turbinado Simple Syrup
2 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters
1 level teaspoon Pumpkin Butter*

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass and stir.
Add ice and stir again.
Garnish with a wide orange twist.

By Misty Kalofen (Drink, Boston)

*Misty recommends American Spoon Pumpkin butter for its beautiful fall spices.