Hot sauce is good, but when it also has flavor it’s awesome. When you combine  flavorful heat with all natural ingredients you have  A&B American Style Pepper Sauce [$12]. A&B starts with fresh peppers, carrots and onions, blending them with a touch of salt and white vinegar. It combines the spice of those fresh peppers with the sweet and savory base of its other produce to create a product that is a true ingredient – not just a source of heat. Starting with fresh produce preserves the aromatics, flavor and full texture of whole foods. A&B American Style doesn’t hide behind sugar or artificial flavorings because it doesn’t have to. It’s real food offering layers of complex taste in an all-purpose condiment. A&B American Style Pepper Sauce offers bright flavor and round texture for a taste experience with just enough spice. Underneath floats vegetal sweetness and aromatics blending depth and tangy finish. Here’s what’s in it: White Vinegar, Red Chili Pepper, Carrot, Onion, Habanero Pepper, Salt. A&B American Style Pepper Sauce has been Uber Tested and is Uber Awesome!

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