It’s cold as witches lips across most of the country and some of the dads here at Uber Apparatus are coming down with cabin fever. The kids have either beaten – or gotten bored with –  the video games they got for Christmas and Uber dads eveywhere are looking for something…ANYTHING, to do with their kids that doesn’t involve Minecraft, Easy Bake Ovens or fort building with the couch cushions. Lucky for us, Daddy Nickell – founder of – has put together a list of 6 Awesome Winter Activities Dads Can Do With Their Kids exclusively for Uber Apparatus.

  1. Ice-Fishing: Rent ice fishing shelter and equipment and take the kiddos to a frozen lake for an afternoon of ice-fishing! They will have so much fun watching the bobbers go up and down until their lines finally catch a fish! Pack playing cards, plenty of snacks, and board games so the kids can play in the shelter while they wait for the fish to bite.
  2. Snow Sculpture Contest: Challenge each of the kids to build a snow sculpture of a fun animal or creature, such as a turtle or a unicorn. The most unique and imaginative sculpture wins a small prize!
  3. S’mores & Story Time: Plan a night to tell stories and cook s’mores over an outdoor pit, either at a park or in your own backyard. Tell the kids all about your childhood and the fun things you used to do when you were their age!
  4. Snow Tubing: Find a local snow-tubing park and take the kids there for a day of tubing down the hills. At the end of the fun, take them in the warm lobby for hot chocolate and warm pretzels!
  5. Snow Shoeing: Rent snow shoes from a local sports equipment store and take the kids to a ski and and snow shoe trail. It will give you all a great chance to talk and laugh together.
  6. Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks: Find a local outdoor ice-skating rink and take the kiddos there for an afternoon of fun. They will love skating after each other and having spin contests!

Daddy Nickell, parenting expert and founder of