Knowing the rules in a public bathroom is something every man should know. Unfortunately a lot of  dudes are completely unaware of the rules that govern the men’s room. Fortunately, we can help. Read on to learn 3 Essential Men’s Room Rules.

Leave a space between pissers

Men’s rooms typically feature a row of urinals, giving you plenty of options for draining the snake.  It’s obvious that the urinals on the ends will offer the most privacy, which makes them the perfect option for shy bladders. However, if one or more of the urinals are in use, bathroom rules becomes more complex.

Basically, you need to maintain a “buffer zone” of one urinal when relieving yourself. If maintaining the buffer zone is not an option, proudly take your place next to your fellow man but keep conversation, eye contact and general acknowledgment of one another’s existence to the absolute minimum. Anything you have to say to one another will wait until you egress to a neutral zone, like the sink. (Because you WILL wash your hands, regardless if you’ve pissed on them or not)

Leave a buffer between stalls

If your trip to the men’s room involves  dropping a deuce,  you should keep in mind that the same rules that govern urinal buffering also applies to stall spacing. If there’s an available stall for you to use as a buffer, you should do so. If you are alone in the bathroom, you should pick a stall that allows “johnny -come-lately” a buffer. That means avoiding the middle of three empty stalls and taking refuge in a stall at the far end of the bank.

Don’t piss in a stall

There are few things that bring  your masculinity into question more than pissing in a stall, especially when a perfectly good urinal is available.  This highly suspect activity should only be engaged in when you find yourself in an extremely busy bathroom, like at a ball game. If you must piss in a stall, the door should be closed and the act MUST be performed standing up — there is no excuse for pissing sitting down.