2001: A Space Odyssey one of the most influential science fiction films ever made — inspiring other films from THX 1138
to Blade Runner
. The movie transformed sci-fi, showing that sci-fi could be transcendent and spiritual. Remember the iconic HAL 9000 computer from the film? We all wanted our own HAL, even though he pretty thoroughly crashed in the movie: “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”

The engineers at the HAL Project have been involved with simulating the look of HAL for years with screensavers. But it’s recently had a major overhaul to provide really authentic simulations of the HAL interface. The screensaver is free, and works on Mac and PC. There is also a pay [$5.00] version that eliminates the splash screen and has eight HAL screens with the HAL unit in the middle. It can also work with dual monitors giving you the real feel  and look of being inside the spaceship. It’s a striking screensaver, and really looks just like the HAL screens from the movie. Director Stanley Kubrick would be proud.

Download the HAL 9000 Screensaver Project