12 Signs Wine [$22-$25] wants to know “What’s your Sign?”. The innovative boutique winery boasts 12 bottles of wine that each distinctly take on one of the zodiac signs, with unique labels and handcrafted flavors to match all the zodiac personalities. A winemaker, sommelier, and astrologer worked together to find the ultimate blend of wine for each astrology sign, whether that is bold and feisty like an Aries, intuitive and creative like a Pisces, or bright and versatile like a Gemini. The 12 Signs Wine lineup is comprised of premium appellation wine from boutique California vineyards, including Santa Maria Valley, Lodi, and Alexander Valley in Sonoma. Proprietor Marie Fox says, “Everyone has a birthday and everyone wants to feel special. Now you can drink yourself, read about yourself, and talk about yourself while enjoying a bottle of 12 Signs Wine.”

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