What women expect from men on a date

If you’ have had more than your share of dates gone wrong, then maybe it’s time you took some good dating advice from women. After going through the whole nine yards of dating before finally finding the right man, I now play agony aunt to all my female friends who are still single only because a lot of their dates with some good men went wrong. Naturally, I get to hear from them all the time about what went awry with their dates, the usual mistakes that men make and the do’s and don’ts they expect from men on a date. Based on their real dating experiences, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 dating tips for men. Remember, these dating tips for men come to you straight from real women and practically guarantee you the perfect date.

Tip 1 . Tick-tock goes the clock

You won’t believe how many times I’ve heard this. Arriving late and keeping the woman waiting means starting the date on the worst possible note. Nothing you do later can make up for coming late and an apology just won’t cut it.

Tip 2 . A good first impression

How many times have you turned up at a date wearing a pair of ripped jeans or without your shoes polished or with a scruffy look? Wearing smart clothes, getting a shave and using a good perfume (and don’t forget that mouth freshener) can certainly go a long way in making a good first impression on a date.

Tip 3. A comfortable place matters

Take your date some place where you’ve been before and you like. Chances are that you will be more relaxed in a place where you are comfortable. Having the staff at a restaurant you frequent come up to you and say hello can make you feel right at home, not to mention impressing your woman.

Tip 4. Women hate fakers

You don’t have to act like someone else to impress your date. Believe me, your woman will be able to see through you because we can spot a fake faster than a man can finish his drink. So, just be yourself.

Tip 5. Tring Tring

I get this one a lot too. Nothing can spoil a great lunch or dinner and interrupt interesting conversations more than a cell phone that keeps ringing. Keep your phone on silent mode during the date so that the woman feels you are giving her all the attention.

Tip 6. Big mouths don’t win

You don’t have to be a blabber mouth to impress your date. Let the conversation flow naturally and give the woman a chance to talk. A woman loves it when a man hears her out and it makes her feel that her opinions are valued.

Tip 7. Old flames can burn the date

Your male friends might find conversations about your ‘ex’ interesting, but not a woman on a date. Keep your ‘ex’ out of the picture when you are on a date and focus on the woman with you instead of bringing up history.

Tip 8. Chivalry is dead, long live chivalry!

Yes, women still love it when men open doors for them and hold the chair. It’s not old-fashioned and makes them feel special.

Tip 9. Women like big-hearted men

Always offer to pay the bill on a date. Believe me, most women don’t get angry at the idea of a man wanting to pay for a lunch or dinner. You don’t have to be very forceful, but do insist on paying the bill.

Tip 10. The End

After doing everything right, don’t screw up in the end! Don’t expect sex from the woman and get pushy if she’s not interested. Act like a gentleman and gain her respect instead. If you did everything right on the date, then you both could become intimate sooner than you think.

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written by Scarlett Lohan